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Taft Vocational Experts’ mission is to provide effective vocational evaluation and expert witness services thorough research, directed analysis, and relevant opinions. 

We invite you to consult with us on any issue relating to employment, including earning capacity, employability, job search effectiveness, wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. 

Vocational evaluation services include supporting individuals in planning and implementing effective and strategic campaigns to secure new career opportunities.

Service Summary
We provide prompt, accurate and relevant information on a single vocational topic or develop a comprehensive, complex evaluation of a client's current employment potential. We conduct vocational and labor market research for any location in the country as well as internationally.

How We Are Different
Taft Vocational Experts differs from competing firms by virtue of our experience and core competencies in employment, human resources and career development.

Brad Taft, MBA, CMF, SPHR, RCC is the Founder and Managing Director of Taft Vocational Experts. He brings over 30 years experience along with certifications and licenses in employment, human resources and career counseling. 

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